Monday, 24 October 2016

Computing- Making our own games.

We are game developers. This is the title of our new unit of learning in computing. During this unit, we will be designing and developing an interactive game using the program 'Scratch.' 

We came up with many simple ideas to give our game a theme and designed them out of the computer suite. However, this week we took our ideas to the computers and started creating and sourcing assets for our games. These assets include backgrounds and sprites (characters) we had to create our backgrounds, design several sprites with different looks or outfits for different stages of our games.

After that, we started to give our sprites some simple commands using the coding scripts. We are in for a challenge, but as a link to our DBS learner profile, we are will to take risks and give things a go.

Here we are in action.

Good example of how we are caring by helping each other if we get stuck.

Progress with a background design.

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