Thursday, 27 October 2016

Terracotta Warriors at the Museum of Islamic Arts.

Leopards and Hedgehogs were very lucky to be the first year group from DBS Wakra to visit the famous Terracotta Warriors currently on Display in Qatar's MIA.

We were shown around the exhibits and were told the story of the Funerary Army.

We were so intrigued by the figures and had so many questions that the museum staff answered for us.

"What I found most interesting is that there were 8000 unique statues, that must have taken so long to make!" said Rafay. He continued "How did so many statues just get forgotten about? How could they ever get lost?"

After hearing all about the history of these impressive figures, we went down into the MIA's workshops and used some Terracotta Clay to make our warriors.

It was brilliant fun, and all our statues looked unique as well. Using the clay tools was hard work, and we had to be so careful to get the details right.

Here we are with some of our creations and enjoying getting hands on with the clay.

If you would like to find out more about the Terracotta Warriors, visit this website
Or pay a visit to the exhibition at the Museum of Islamic Arts.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Computing- Making our own games.

We are game developers. This is the title of our new unit of learning in computing. During this unit, we will be designing and developing an interactive game using the program 'Scratch.' 

We came up with many simple ideas to give our game a theme and designed them out of the computer suite. However, this week we took our ideas to the computers and started creating and sourcing assets for our games. These assets include backgrounds and sprites (characters) we had to create our backgrounds, design several sprites with different looks or outfits for different stages of our games.

After that, we started to give our sprites some simple commands using the coding scripts. We are in for a challenge, but as a link to our DBS learner profile, we are will to take risks and give things a go.

Here we are in action.

Good example of how we are caring by helping each other if we get stuck.

Progress with a background design.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Swimming World Cup

This week Year 5 were very lucky to go on a trip to watch the Swimming World Cup. We had a fantastic day cheering on all of the different countries. After the swimming we spent some time in Aspire park where we had a picnic lunch and played with our friends. We had a fantastic day!


This week Year 5 have started to look at the UK money system. We have been finding out about pounds (£) and pence (p) and have been thinking about what different coins and notes we could use to make different amounts of money. We were also excited to look at and work with real UK coins! Here are some pictures of some of the activities we have been doing.