Wednesday, 28 September 2016

North American Landscapes

This week we have been researching North American landscapes where we have found out lots of interesting geographical information about the Caribbean, Death Valley and the Everglades. We have also been comparing these areas to Qatar and have been surprised to find a number of similarities!

We have now started to paint beautiful landscapes of these areas and are thinking very carefully about our use of colour, texture and tone to give our paintings more depth and accuracy.

What do you think of our paintings so far?

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Causal Connectives.

This week we have been learning about explanation texts as part of this we learnt about causal connectives.

We had two parts of a sentence and a variety of causal connectives; we worked in pairs to see which sentences had the most impact on a reader. Some of the causal connectives we very challenging to place in the sentences but being good risk-takers, we managed and will now try to use some of these in our independent writing.

Place Value.

This week we have been learning about place value.

We have been building on our prior knowledge and increasing our skills to 5 digit numbers, knowing what each digit is worth depending on where it is in the number.

There was a lot of maths skills that came into this task. We have to pick single digit numbers and think about the possibility of a larger or smaller number coming next. Using the information we decided where the number we selected should go to make the largest possible five digit number. We then swapped the numbers around to make the smallest number, compared them and plotted the two numbers on a number line! A great deal to think about but we did a fantastic job and gave wonderful explanations as to why the numbers had changed.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Restaurant Team Challenge.

As part of our 'icebreakers' activities this week we all took part in a restaurant challenge.

We had to work as a team to create a brand new restaurant!

We planned:

A name, a theme, a menu, a flyer to advertise the launch, a birds-eye view of the restaurant layout, an advert for employing staff and anything else we thought might be useful to make our restaurant a success.

We then presented to the other restaurateurs, and we voted for which one we thought would be the most successful. 

Here are some pictures of our challenge.

And here we are presenting our ideas.

We enjoyed this challenge and all but one team created Italian restaurants!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Welcome Back.

Welcome to the Year 5 Blog. Please come back regularly to see what your children have been learning. We will post many items on the blog including photographs of pupils in action, pieces of learning and much more. 

The Leopard and Hedgehog classes are excited to show you what they have been up to and would love to have the most hits in school. To achieve this, we need you to spread the word about our blog to your friends and family. It would be awesome if we could get people from all over the world looking at our learning and achievements.